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The Weekend Spa Day

The Weekend Spa Day

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Invite a few of your best friends over for a spa day at home. Kick off the fun by making a few appetizer trays, plate your Moonstruck Chocolate, pour your Project 7 Gummy Bears in a bowl to share and mix some bubbly drinks. Light your DANI Naturals all natural soy candle as you prepare for your guests. Use apple cider vinegar to mix up a couple face masks. Each Pemberthy Home & Body Face Mask is good for 4 to 6 uses, so you can all test the masks and save some for later. When you're guests arrive, have them wash up with Yuzu Soap's glycerin bar soap. Once everyone's settled, play a game of Scrabble and give the winner Portland Bee Balm. When the night draws to a close, tuck in with this soft Dana Herbert Accessories eye pillow and enjoy a relaxed, deep sleep.

This gift is lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a kraft gift box. We'll ship it USPS Priority Mail.

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