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The Traveler Deluxe

The Traveler Deluxe

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Hey! It's Paige, Founder and CEO at ClientJoy. I wanted to tell you about this box because it's my favorite in our holiday collection. As a geography geek and a lover of travel, this package is my dream gift. Having go-to snacks is a must, so the combination of Albina City Nuts, ROAM Oatmeal and Olympia Provisions is a perfect combo of healthy and easy when I'm hopping planes from city to city. While traveling, I love journaling about my experience, so the gorgeous Portland Leather Co. Snap Journal puts a smile on my face. Finally, having the mason jar with a Portland Leather Co. Mug Hugger makes it easy for me to refill my cup with coffee, tea or water while I'm on the road AND saves all the waste made when I plow through disposable cups.


This gift is lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a kraft gift box. We'll ship it USPS Priority Mail.



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