Kimpton NSS Robe + Kimpton Candle + Atelier Bloem Bath and Body Set

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Gift Name: Kimpton NSS Robe + Kimpton Candle + Atelier Bloem Bath and Body Set



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  • KimNSSR - Kimpton Navy Seersucker Robe XL
  • KimCandle17 - Kimpton Candle
  • ABBBSet - Atelier Bloem Bath and Body Set
  • Kimstat17 - Kimpton Stationary


  • KIMFretteBox - Blue box, "Frette 1860, 18.5 x 13.5 x 5
  • CB20146 - Mother box: 20 x 14 x 6" Corrugated Boxes
  • WCrinkleP - White Crinkle Paper
  • FRETTE-RTP - 1 piece of Rhombus Tissue Paper
  • FRETTE-RS - 1 FRhombus Sticker

Packing Instructions

  1. Fold Frette box into 3 dimensional shape
  2. Fold tissue paper.
  3. Line the box with the tissue paper.
  4. Add a small layer of white crinkle paper on the bottom of the box.
  5. Unpackage the Kimpton Navy Seersucker Robe XL.
  6. Fold the robe in half and pack it into the left side of the box.
  7. Put the Kimpton Candle in the lower right corner of the box.
  8. Put the Atelier Bloem Bath and Body Set in the upper right corner of the box.
  9. Add white crinkle paper around the robe, candle and the set so they are tightly packed in the box.
  10. Apply a small layer of crinkle paper to the top of the robe, candle and set.
  11. Fold tissue paper over the robe, candle and bath set.

  1. Handwrite the note on the Kimpton Stationary. Make sure the handwriting is neat and legible. If there is no personal note included in the note section of the order, please add the following note:


We really appreciate you! Please enjoy this robe, candle and bath set to help you relax!


Team Kimpton Karma

  1. Add the note to the top of the tissue paper.
  2. Close the lid of the box.
  3. Apply the sticker to the bottom lid of the box to keep it closed.
  4. Fold external shipping box and tape together.
  5. Insert the gift in the mother box.
  6. Add packing peanuts on top of the gift box inside the mother box.
  7. Seal box closed with tape.
  8. Weigh, note the weight and order number on exterior of shipping box
  9. Place shipping label on the mother box.
  10. Ship.