What is the most unique gift you've ever sent?

We once created a gift box that pops open and custom stress balls spill out. You can see our prototype here.


Can I just buy one gift?

Yes! Please visit our collections to see what's available and purchase your gift.


If I order a gift, what is the turnaround time?

Because we purchase everything fresh and small-batch, it typically takes 3 to 5 days from order date to ship date.


I like the gifts on the site, but I want to create my own gift. What is the process for creating a custom gift?

Yes! Schedule a time to tell us about your event, budget and brand. Email amanda@clientjoy.com to get started!


What is the minimum order for a custom gift?

We require a minimum order of 12 for most orders, but minimum orders vary based on the type of customization you want.


Can I order gifts in bulk?

Yes, we regularly ship from hundreds of gifts for our clients. For bulk orders, we ask that you send us the recipient names, addresses, personal messages and type of gift in a .csv (we'll send you the template!).


What does it mean to have a custom order form?

For our customers who want their team to have access to vetted (and often branded) gifts, we create a custom order form featuring products and gifts that we curate specifically for your business or non-profit.

Anytime someone in your organization needs to send a gift, they simply visit clientjoy.com and log in. They can order from the custom gift selection, add a personalized note and track the gift to its destination.

Additionally, our customer can edit their order, export order history to share with their accounting team and easily reorder gifts.

If you're interested in having access to a custom online gift store for your team, please email amanda@clientjoy.com for more information. She'll take care of you!


We have swag that we want to include in our gift. Can you handle that for us?

Yes, ship us your custom swag and we'll add it to your gifts. If we need to store your swag at our warehouse, we charge a storage fee per piece.


Can you create custom swag for us?

We've partnered with some brilliant artisans to create custom swag. We can add your logo to almost anything! Below are examples of items that we've customized for clients:

  • custom blended and labeled coffee
  • custom blended and labeled tea
  • custom scented and labeled candles
  • custom sandblasted ceramic mugs
  • custom tote bags
  • custom water bottles
  • custom stress balls
  • custom labeled candy
  • custom pens
  • custom boxes


What is the coolest custom swag you've ever created?

It's a tie! We *love* the custom tea blend and candle scent that two wildly talented artisans made for one of our wonderful clients. They are beautiful, well-designed and truly embody the brand.


How long does it take to create custom packaging?

It can take up to 8 weeks from start to finish to create custom packaging. If you have any questions, please contact amanda@clientjoy.com.


Oh snap! I need my order history for my bookkeeper! Can you help?

Yes, no problem. Log into your account and check your order history.


Help! Can you curate and ship all our holiday gifts?

Yes! We LOVE managing holiday gifting. We'll curate a menu of holiday gifts, handwrite your personalized notes and ship them so you can take a break.


I placed an order and I have a question about my gift. Who should I contact?

Email orders@clientjoy.com and one of our awesome team members will take care of you.


I made a mistake and need to edit my order!

No problem! As long as the order hasn't shipped, you can change the order. Simply click "Log In". Then, click "My Account". In the "Order History" section, you'll see all orders you've placed with us. Find the order you want to change and select "Edit" to update your order.


Can ClientJoy donate a gift to our event?

We donate gifts throughout the year because we love to support amazing organizations. While we can't donate to every event, we'll do our best! If you want to request a gift donation, please email hello@clientjoy.com with the request. Please provide as much detail as possible. Requests should be submitted at least three months before the desired delivery date.


I'm an artisan and I want to have my product featured in gift boxes. How do I work with you?

We want to meet you! Please email artisans@clientjoy.com with your name, business information and wholesale catalogue. We'll follow up to schedule a call with you.