Meet Gratitude Consultant and Dragon Boat Enthusiast, Lisa Siems!

Welcome to our Meet the Team blog. At ClientJoy, we're not a bunch of robots! We're people who love helping other people show gratitude with locally-made gifts.


This week, meet Lisa Siems, our newest gifting-loving, gratitude-showing team member. Lisa is a smart, thoughtful, kind and creative professional. We're so excited to work with her that we spent a few minutes picking her brain. Get to know Lisa in this brief interview.

What is your role at ClientJoy? I am a Gratitude Consultant. I love connecting with people through networking events and face to face meetings to share about ClientJoy.  I am working help the ClientJoy team build a large base of repeat clients and fans.

Tell us about your gratitude philosophy? Why is it so important to you? I have been involved in customer service for over 10 years in the hospitality industry. I believe when you are thankful for someone, you should be vocal and say something or do something. I enjoy thrift shopping and finding fun surprise gifts for my family and friends. I like to show my appreciation and gratitude through giving gifts that are unexpected and a surprise.

I show appreciation and my gratefulness for people in my neighborhood and my friend group by throwing events in my backyard. During the summer I plan events (like a backyard movie night or a cherry picking party) to help my neighbors connect with each other in a fun way. Then, our friendships are strengthened and our neighborhood is more well-connected.

What are your passions outside of work? I enjoy hiking with my puppy Ripley and my husband, Chris. I'm always out exploring the neighborhoods of Portland for the best Buffalo Chicken Wrap or Pretzel with cheese appetizer. I am on a dragon boat team and I enjoy spending the summer evenings paddling on the Willamette River. I am also part of the Bethel Players, a local theater group that writes its own musical every year as a fundraiser for an after school program. 


Lisa would love to treat you to coffee or tea! If you haven't been introduced to her, send her an email at

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