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5 Reasons to Send a Business Gift

5 Reasons to Send a Business Gift

As we talk with clients, we've learned a great deal about when people like to send gifts. The holidays are a given for gift-giving; however, not everyone likes to wait until the holidays to send business gifts.

Below are five additional situations in which our clients send gifts.

1. Welcoming a new employee to the team.

On-boarding a new partner or employee can be a process fraught with piles of paperwork, mnemonic devices to remember everyone's name and adventures in expectation-setting.

Showing someone that you appreciate them from the beginning can...

How to Create Impressive Conference Gifts

How to Create Impressive Conference Gifts

In our experience, an important detail that is often missed until the last minute are the gifts for speakers, attendees, volunteers and partners. It's crucial to show your gratitude, but what should you get? How can you show appreciation on a shoestring budget?

To help our fellow planners, we want to share our top 5 tips and tricks for conference gifts.

1. Keep it simple.

It doesn't need to be huge or expensive. Last year, we built small gifts featuring 125 g bag of Coava Coffee Roasters whole beans and the...