Meet Dawniela Foster, Our June Amazing Admin of the Month

We love taking care of the people who take care of everyone in the office - the amazing folks we call administrative professionals.

June's Amazing Admin is Dawniela Foster, Sales Coordinator at Hotel Modera. Nominated for Administrative Professionals Week, we first learned about her awesomeness when Greg Danielson wrote a pretty glowing endorsement.

“Dawniela keeps our ship upright by constant professional contact with our clients. She is well liked by all who come in contact with her, and often goes above and beyond her regular duties to assist throughout our hotel! We would NOT be as successful without her!” In the process of learning more about Dawniela, we discovered that she's a huge Harry Potter fan. With this quote (and the others you'll read below), we've come to the conclusion that she is the Hermione Granger of Hotel Modera, taking care of others and working hard to save the day.

Yes, Ron, you're absolutely right.

And her coworkers think she's the greatest! Check out the kind words they shared about her.

"Dawniela always has the best attitude. She is a hard worker and always extremely helpful and hardworking. " -- Brennon Reed, Front Office Supervisor

"I love having Dawniela on my team! She is relied on both internally by our team at the hotel, but also by our guests coming to the hotel from all over the world. With attention to what matters to our guests, she has delivers customer service to our groups with poise. It's never surprising to me when Thank You cards from our group contacts come directly to her-- she's their lifeline at the hotel." -- Greg Danielson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Dawniela is special, having watched her development from a new member of our front office team, to a supervisor to a Sales Coordinator I can say that she hasn’t failed to impress me each step of the way. There is a certain calm that I have when I know that Dawniela is owning a task or client, and her efforts make the members of our team better.– Andrew Maffei, General Manager

Dawniela is an amazing member of or team who always rocks the million "Hey Dawniela....." questions that come into the sales office with a smile on her face. Coordinators make the world go round and I am lucky to work along side her! -- Arliece Caro, Sales Manager

Dawniela, you're pretty stellar in our book! Congratulations on being named the June Admin of the Month!

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