Meet Chelsea Lancaster, Our May Amazing Admin of the Month

We love taking care of the people who take care of everyone in the office - the amazing folks we call administrative professionals.

This month, we’re featuring the winner of our Administrative Professionals Week contest, Chelsea Lancaster, the office manager who supports the members of NedSpace, an awesome coworking space in downtown Portland, Oregon. To celebrate her, we delivered a custom ClientJoy gift box filled with Portland made deliciousness to her desk. She also received a monthly subscription to Very Portland for a year!

We could gush about how much we adore Chelsea, but we think her colleagues do it best! Check out the wonderful words of appreciation the companies at NedSpace shared with us.

When you finish reading their compliments, take a second to nominate a person to be our next Admin of the Month!

“Chelsea helps us with everything, including a pizza/Cards Against Humanity lunch hour.” -Gunther Oakey

“She is the best, brightest and most attentive!" -Zoe Piliafas

“Chelsea is a sharp lady with a good instinct for managing a somewhat chaotic office. She's always incredibly helpful and friendly.” -Jacqueline Treiber

“Chelsea is so PATIENT with all of our antics, and always goes the extra mile to make our office a FUN place to work, organizing activities, parties, and of course supplying us with FOOD on a regular basis. I love that she took the initiative to start an AMAZING monthly e-newsletter to introduce us to other teams that work here, and notify us of upcoming events. She is a one-of-a-kind office manager, for sure.” -Jordyn Barton

“For every office space event we have, Chelsea is the number one advocate getting everyone notified and involved. On top of this, not only does she decorate the whole event with sheer creativity and love, she does everyone’s dishes! Chelsea goes above and beyond with newsletters, setting up festivities and low-key Tarot card reading. Chelsea gets my vote all day everyday.” -Gaelan Andrade

“She makes our office an amazing place to work by making sure we all have what we need. That includes food and drinks as appropriate.” -Erik M. Gordon

“She’s just awesome and always cheery and cleans up our mess.” -Lin Carson

“Chelsea is super smart, supportive, and capable! She's rocking the social media for NedSpace and doesn't miss a beat. I feel lucky to get to work with her!” -Kelly Hansen

“Chelsea is organized, busy and she makes everyone feel listened to and acknowledged. She makes Ned Space run!” -Kerri Lynne Thorp

“She puts on the greatest office events! And she always takes care of people's needs, requests and questions.” -Michael R Coates

“Chelsea is always looking out for how the office is doing and what could be better. Everything stays neat and orderly under her watch. She responds immediately when there is an issue and does so with great professionalism.” -Brian Shirai

“Chelsea is the heartbeat of NedSpace, a coworking space in Portland. She ensures that all members are growing their businesses, making valuable connections and has a great time doing it!” -Brandon Cannady

“Chelsea oversees an office of a few hundred people. What is so amazing is many of these people are part of different companies. So she is not only catering to the needs of employees, but also to the needs of a few dozen companies. Chelsea is organized, detailed and, most of all, energetic. She is always doing fun things in the office to get everyone networking and bonding. Despite having so many companies in this office, we all feel as though we are one big family. Chelsea makes this all possible. Mostly, she is just fantastic to work with and someone you want on your team!” -Nicole Lamont

“I've only just met her, but she's been Johnny On The Spot so far! Great attitude, fun to be around, very productive.” -Matthew M. Lloyd

“She is always very friendly and is always there to support us. Very kind!” -Jorge Guzman

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