Meet Arla Wood, Our Amazing August Admin of the Month

We love taking care of the people who take care of everyone in the office - the amazing folks we call administrative professionals.

Our August Admin of the Month, Arla Wood is the Front Desk and Lead Receptionist of Weiden + Kennedy. Nominated for Administrative Professionals Week, we had an overwhelming amount of glowing responses on how Arla makes working at W+K a joy. We surprised her on with a custom ClientJoy gift box filled with all the snacks a wonderful admin deserves.

What we’ve learned about Arla is that she is the heart of Weiden+Kennedy HQ in Portland. Nothing literally gets through the door without her seeing it. As one W+K employee put it, “Arla is a Queen”. Here are some lovely thoughts about the Queen of W+K PDX:

“Arla is always on top of it, and looks out for our whole department of admins, and the whole entire building!”

“Arla knows everything about everyone, all of the time. She is the gatekeeper of the agency and works tirelessly to make sure that things are running the way that she should. Whether it be buying a stamp, reserving a conference room, ordering catering, or needing a shoulder to cry on - she is your girl. She gives her all to her job and so rarely complains. She is a warm welcome for all guests and visitors, a bottomless wealth of knowledge for employees, and a constant source of laughter. She is incredible and no one deserves to win this more than she does.”

“Arla keeps this place running. She keeps the Admins united and grounded. She's inclusive. She cares about the details. She's my rock.”

“She's awesome. Keeps everyone together and assists in any way she can and does it with a positive attitude (and usually lots of laughter). Always willing to do the little things that make a big difference. She rocks!”

“She knows how to make anyone smile. Puts everything into the people she loves (which is our entire 600+ people office)”

“Bottom line: Arla is a boss woman and the heart of our office. She's truly got her finger on the pulse of this place — makes it her business to know everything going on around here and everyone who walks through the door. She has best practices in place to keep things running smoothly at all times and she never lets 'em see her sweat. Did I mention she's also probably the most fun-loving, hilarious person here?”

This is a small part of the overwhelming outpouring of appreciation for Queen Arla. If you have an amazing admin at your job then be the next to share kind words. Nominate them today!

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